Ride The World Motorcycle Tours

Run by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.

Ride The World Motorcycle Tours operates with their network of partners across the world to provide you with ‘Experiences Beyond the Ride’. These riding experiences can be in as part of a group, guided or escorted, on a preplanned itinerary with accommodation or simply renting a motorcycle and doing it yourself.

At Ride The World Motorcycle Tours we strive to help you not only enjoy the ride but also to enjoy the ‘Experiences Beyond the Ride’. We do this by taking the time to at stops to explore the scenery and sites along the journey. We do not rush to get from one town to the next, instead we plan the routes carefully so you and come home with memories of the things you have seen and experienced, the local characters you have met along the way and the riding..

We also believe that experiences are meant to be shared which is why pillions and ‘seat in van’ options are part of our offerings. The seat in van option enables non riders to experience and share what we do.

We look forward to working with you on your next motorcycling experience.


David Reeves, who has 48 years riding experience combined with 46 years of travel industry experience, started Ride The World Australia in 2011. David has spent many years showing tourists the iconic sights around Sydney and New South Wales on both his Harley Davidson and on a motor-trike.

David has also ridden extensively across Australia, the USA and Asia and is well known as an outstanding ride leader.

David’s Travel Industry Memberships
David’s Motorcycle Club Memberships

Walter Nand joined David a few years ago with the shared vision of arranging motorcycle tours across the world that would offer riders and their partners not only exceptional rides but also exceptional experiences beyond the ride.

Walter has lived in several countries including Fiji, New Zealand, England and Canada and now resides in Sydney, Australia. Walter has ridden all over the world throughout his almost 30 years in the travel industry.

To compliment their wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for delivering excellence, David and Walter also team up with some exceptionally talented and experienced travel and motorcycle people and operators to bring you the best motorcycle tours on the planet. There are so many road and experiences left to explore and the ‘bike-it list’ keeps growing so keep checking back to see what new world you can explore on two wheels.

Walter’s Travel Industry Memberships
Walter is a member of Skal International

Ride The World Motorcycle Tours Directors David Reeves and Walter Nand launch the new brand

Ride The World Motorcycle Tours is a proud member CATO – the Council Of Australian Tour Operators which is a trade association representing the domestic and outbound land-supply sector of the Australian travel industry. 

Ride The World Motorcycle Tours practices safe travel and have fulfilled the requirements for the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp. the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp is the world’s first safety and hygiene stamp for travellers to recognize governments and businesses that have adopted global health standardized protocols

Ride The World Motorcycle Tours is registered with the New South Wales Government and has fulfilled their requirements to be Covid-19 safe.

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