We offer these rides as Escorted Tours for riders or Tours Pillions on the Guide’s motorcycle or motortrike.

Guided Motorcycle Rides are priced at A$450.00 for up to 5 riders. Contact us for rates for 6 or more riders booking at one time. Rental Motorcycles can be arranged.

Support vehicle can also be arrange for group rides.

A pillion on the Guide’s motorcycle A$440.00 per person on a private tour or as part of a group ride. Pillions on a trike / motortrike prices are on application.

For our pillion rides our bookings are made with Trike Trips who are authorised by New South Wales Point to Point. Trike Trips has public liability insurance and is accredited with the New South Wales Point To Point, Accreditation number BSP-401716.

All the riders have Passenger Transport licences.

Lookouts in the South – 341 kilometres

Actual riding time 5 hours 35 minutes. Starting from Sutherland NSW.

Highlights: The Royal National Park, Seacliff Bridge and 4 lookouts.

All the Fun of Ferries (4 Ferries ride) – 192 kilometres

Actual riding time 4 hours 40 minutes. Starting at Berowra NSW and ending in Cowan NSW.

Highlights: A classic Out of Sydney Ride with river crossing on Ferries (punts) and rural roads.

Are the Mountains really Blue? – 215 kilometres

Actual riding time 3 hours 50 minutes. Starting and finishing at McGraths Hill NSW.

Highlights: The Bells line of Road, Mt York Lookout and viewing Katoomba’s natural tourist attractions.

It’s not like Putty in your hand – 283 kilometres

Actual riding time 3 hours 53 minutes. Starting from McGraths Hill NSW and ending in Cowan NSW.

Highlights: The Putty Road, a well known Out of Sydney Road and the Old Pacific Highway on the return leg.

Corners, Steam and Water – 306 kilometres

Actual riding time 4 hours 50 minutes. Starting from Sutherland NSW.

Highlights: Macquarie Pass, The Robinson Pie Shop, view the Rail Museum at Thirlmere and Warragamba Dam.

If you wish to take these as ride yourself, Rental Motorcycles can be arranged, please contact for more details.

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