Australia: New South Wales – Sydney 1 day rides

We offer these rides as Guided Tours for riders on their own motorcycles or as Tours for Pillions on the Guide’s motorcycle or motortrike.

The following Guided Motorcycle Rides price is $330.00 for one or two riders. When booked as a group, additional riders are $55.00 per rider for up to 5 riders in a group. Please get in touch with us to obtain a quote for larger groups. If you do not have a motorcycle, Ride the World Motorcycle Tours can arrange rental Motorcycles.

Ride the World Motorcycle Tours can also arrange the support vehicle for larger group rides. Prices on application.

A pillion riding on the Guide’s motorcycle is A$440.00 on a private tour or as part of a group ride. Pillions on a trike / motortrike prices are on application.

Seat in support vehicle A$440.00.

Our bookings are in conjunction with our partner supplier, Trike Trips, for pillion rides. Trike Trips has public liability insurance and has New South Wales Point To Point accreditation. The Accreditation number BSP-401716.

All our riders with paying pillion riders have Passenger Transport licences. The riders who lead and guide the rides as trained by Ride The World Motorcycle Tours.

Riding times are those on the seat and do not include stops.

Lookouts to the South of Sydney

Highlights: The Royal National Park, Seacliff Bridge and 4 lookouts looking over different parts of the coast south of Sydney.

Approximate riding time 4 hours when starting from and returning to Sutherland, NSW in southern Sydney. The pillion and group rides will start and end at the pickup point which will change the riding time.

This tour operates daily.

We meet at Sutherland, then ride south along the Princess Highway. At Waterfall, we turn to use what is locally referred to as the Old Highway until our first lookout at Sublime Point. This lookout provides a view of the coastline below and where we will be riding on our return trip. We return to the road and ride to our next stop atop Mount Keira. A different aspect of the coastline with the significant city of Wollongong predominant.

There is an enjoyable backroad to the old highway; we continue south to Macquarie Pass. At the top of the Macquarie Pass, we will stop at the well-known Robertson Pie Shop. Here you can sample one of their famous pies and chat about the ride so far.

After our break, we ride to Jamberoo and onto another lookout atop Saddleback Mountain. From one side, we view the Illawarra, and with a short walk, the view is of the Shoalhaven. The road from here takes us to Kiama and its famous Blowhole.

We are now homeward bound. We will ride along through the coastal areas taking in the Sea Cliff Bridge as we ride across it. A final lookout at Bald Hill. After our stop here, we return to Sutherland to say our farewells.

Map of Tours of lookouts tothe south
Lookouts to the South of Sydney
Kiama from a stop on one of the Tours
Kiama from Saddleback Mountain

All the Fun of Ferries (The 4 Ferries ride).

Highlights: 4 crossings of rivers by ferry, food stops and rural scenery.

Approximate riding time 5 hours when starting from Berowra and returning to Cowan, NSW in northern Sydney. The pillion and group rides will start and end at the pickup point which will change the riding time.

This tour does not operate Monday or Tuesday.

This ride commences in Berowra, just south of our final destination at the Pie in the Sky Cowan, NSW.

We start riding down to water level to cross Berowra Creek by ferry. Once on the other shore, we ride out of the valley and onto our next crossing at Sackville along nice backroads; you will think you have travelled much further from Sydney. The scenery is quite rural.

We cross the Hawkesbury River at Sackville and stop at one of our favourite eateries for our first break. After our break, we ride next to Lower Portland and our third ferry, crossing again over the Hawkesbury River. The road along the Hawkesbury River can be narrow, so we need to exercise care on the bends. We soon arrive at Wisemans Ferry township after passing another ferry that we will not be taking. We reach our fourth and final ferry crossing.

The road to our next stop, Spencer, is also narrow in places and can have rough areas as the region suffers from flooding by the Hawkesbury River. We reach our next stop at Spencer. An assortment of food and drink is available.

Recharged, the next portion of our ride takes us away from the Hawkesbury River. The road climbs, and the scenery is more rural, with farms visible.

We turn right at the major intersection and head for the old Pacific Highway, known locally as the Old Road. We may stop as some motorcycles may need fuel as we join the old road.

The old Pacific Highway is designated a scenic road, so the speed limit may seem low at 60 kilometres per hour and is strictly enforced. We cross the Hawkesbury River for the last time by a bridge, not another ferry. The speed limit climbs, and so does the road. The road also offers some corners for your enjoyment.

Our final stop is the Pie in the Sky at the top of the climb. Here we will have our last stop together with food and drinks.    

A map of the Tours - 4 ferries
The four ferries tour.
Tours with ferry crossing this one at Wisemans Ferry
Wisemans Ferry. is our last ferry crossing on this tour.

Are the Mountains really Blue?

Highlights: Winding roads as we cross the Great Dividing Range at the Blue Mountains along The Bells Line of Road. With food stops, lookouts and rural scenery along the way.

Approximate riding time 3 hours 20 Minutes when starting from McGraths Hill and returning to Emu Plains, NSW in western Sydney. The pillion and group rides will start and end at the pickup point which will change the riding time.

This tour operates daily.

Riding to scenic locations
A ride into the Blue Mountains

You Knead a Putty Road Ride.

Highlights: The Putty Road, a well known Out of Sydney Road and the Old Pacific Highway on the return leg.

Approximate riding time 4 hours. When starting from McGraths Hill NSW and ending in Cowan NSW, the pillion and group rides will start and end at the pickup point.

This tour operates daily.

Two of the famous Sydney riding roards
Ride on the Putty Road

Water, Views and Trains.

Highlights: 2 views of Sydney’s major dam, a railway museum, views in the Southern Highlands and riding parts of the old Hume Highway.

Approx. 220 kilometres – riding time 3 hours 40 mins. Starting from Liverpool, NSW in south-western Sydney.

This tour operates daily.

Our ride starts in Liverpool. We ride to Warragamba to view Sydney’s largest dam. First at the dam itself, then riding to view further upstream.

We ride to Thirlmere and the railway museum with engine and rolling stock from ‘days gone by’. We will have a short food break whilst in Thirlmere.

Returning to the road, we stay away from the motorway and take an old backroad past small villages along the Southern Rail line. The time will come for us to join the highway briefly as we head to Mittagong and see some industrial history. Time for lunch, and we will seek out one of the popular pieshops.

Reenergised we ride to the next lookout and enjoy the vistas north and south of the Southern Highlands. It’s time to ride home, and we will stay as long as possible from the motorway and enjoy the old Hume Highway. We will have a look at some of the history of the road.

Our next stop will be our last together, and maybe we can sneak in a coffee or tea as we say goodbye until our next ride.

Tours Map of Water Views and Trains
Water, Views and Trains Map
Warragamba Dam on Tours
Warragamba Dam

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