Ride 1

Lake Lyell, Tarana, Oberon, Jenolan Caves, Hampton, Hartley loop Half Day ride – 150km

Roads: Short section of highway, good secondary and narrow winding roads.

Hazards: Ice and moss may be on roads in cold weather.

  • Slow moving farm vehicles
  • Wildlife
  • Tourist coaches on Jenolan Caves Road
  • Jenolan Caves Road is closed to traffic leaving Jenolan Caves towards Hampton between 11.45am and 1.15pm

Scenery: Spectacular views riding into Jenolan Caves, Lake Lyell, rural and natural bushland

Explore: Oberon, Jenolan Caves, Hartley Historic Site, Blast Furnace Park in Lithgow

Duration: Recommended day trip although can be condensed to half day.

FoodRestaurants, pubs and cafés are located in Lithgow, Jenolan Caves and Oberon. Pubs are located in Tarana and Hampton and Cafes in Hartley.

Fuel: Lithgow and Oberon

Information: Visitor Information Centre’s are located at Lithgow and Oberon.

Ride 2

Rydal, Tarana, Bathurst, Oberon, O’Connell, Tarana, Sunny Corner, Portland, Wallerawang loop Half to Full Day ride – 260km

Roads: Short sections of highway, good secondary and very narrow winding roads.


  • Passes through State Forests, watch for logging trucks.
  • Narrow roads with no lane marking.
  • Slow moving farm vehicles
  • Wildlife
  • Narrow windy roads with narrow single lane bridges
  • A number of floodway crossings with possible water covering road on Diamond Swamp Road between Tarana and Great Western Highway
  • Railway crossings and narrow timber bridges between Tarana and Brewongle 

Scenery: Rolling farmland, pine forests, rivers in the distance and spectacular views along the ridges.

Explore: Mount Panorama racetrack, villages of Rydal, Wallerawang and Portland visit Oberon Dam.

Duration: Recommended half or full day trip.

Food: Restaurants, pubs and cafés located in Lithgow, Bathurst, Oberon, Wallerawang and Portland.

Fuel: Lithgow, Bathurst, Oberon, Portland and Wallerawang 

Information: Visitor Information Centre’s are located at Lithgow, Oberon, Bathurst and Wallerawang.

Ride 3

Hartley, Mount Victoria, Blackheath, Megalong Valley loop Half Day ride – 83km

Roads: Sections of highway, good secondary and very narrow winding roads.


  • Narrow windy road into Megalong Valley with potential moss on road with no lane marking.
  • Possible moss and ice on road going into Megalong Valley
  • Narrow roads with no lane marking 
  • Slow moving farm vehicles
  • Wildlife

Scenery: Spectacular scenery along Bells Line of Road and Darling Causeway.  Subtropical rainforest as you descend into Megalong Valley.

Explore: Villages at Mount Victoria, Megalong Valley, Hartley and Blackheath.

Duration: Recommended half day trip.

Food: Restaurants, pubs and cafés located in Lithgow, Mount Victoria, Blackheath. Tea Rooms in Megalong Valley. Cafés at Dargan and Hartley.

Fuel: Lithgow, Blackheath, Mount Victoria

Information: Visitor Information Centre’s are located at Lithgow and Blackheath.

Other Rides

Full day or overnight rides from Lithgow

Lithgow – Mudgee return through Capertee and Rylstone 274km

Lithgow – Taralga return through Oberon 316km

Lithgow – Burraga – Bathurst return through O’Connell 250km

Castlereagh Highway – Bylong Valley  Way – Putty Road and Bells Line of Road loop 500km

Great roads leading to Lithgow

When travelling to Lithgow you have the choice of some of the best motorcycle riding roads in NSW. 

From the north you have the Castlereagh Highway and the Bylong Valley Way from Muswellbrook, this is also known as the Tablelands Way and is now a sealed road all the way.

Travelling from the north east from Singleton you have the Putty and Blaxland Ridge Roads joining up with the Bells Line of Road  from the east and Sydney.

Travelling from Canberra and Goulburn in the south you have the Taralga and Abercrombie Roads also known as the Tablelands Way and is fully sealed.

Lithgow is also perfectly placed as a overnight stop if you are travelling from Brisbane to Phillip Island for the MotoGP and the Super Bike races.

Tips for riders.

The Lithgow region is a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. Discover breathtaking landscapes, cascading waterfalls and an abundance of flora and fauna. For up to date information on all conditions around Lithgow call the Lithgow Visitor Information Centre on 1300 76 02 76. Check list for riders

  • Ice on the road particularly early in the day and in areas where the road is in shadow from tree lines or cuttings between rock faces
  • Gravel or mud on the road brought on by vehicles leaving farm properties or forests
  • Tree branches or bark on the road
  • Gravel and mud on the road after heavy rains
  • Inattentive drivers on quiet back roads
  • Slow moving farm vehicles
  • Tourist coaches and logging trucks
  • Wildlife and livestock on the road

For more information – Motorcycle Touring Guide.

The Lithgow region has some of the best motorcycle rides in the state.  The Motor Cycle Touring Guide was developed by Council to promote these rides and to raise awareness of safety issues when travelling on them.

The guide can be downloaded from the link below.

The Source of this information was Tourism Lithgow.

Photos courtesy of Tourism Lithgow.

We at Ride the World (Aust) can also help with your planning and motorcycle touring of the area.  We look forward to taking you for a ride.