About Us

Welcome to Ride The World Motorcycle Tours, where passion for motorcycles and a thirst for adventure converge. Let us introduce you to the faces behind the handlebars, the architects of your unforgettable journeys.

Meet David Reeves, Co-Founder and knowledge base.

David is the driving force behind Ride The World Motorcycle Tours. With a profound love for motorcycles and a vision to share the joy of riding, he founded the company with Walter to create immersive experiences that blend the thrill of two-wheel exploration with discovering unique destinations.

If he does not create the tour, he has researched which company he works with to be offered through Ride the World Motorcycle Tours, and you’ll quickly understand why Ride The World Motorcycle Tours is not just a motorcycle tour company but a celebration of the open road in many countries.

Meet Walter Nand: Co-Founder and the Navigator

Walter, our meticulous navigator, uses his expertise in crafting routes, ensuring that each tour is a seamless blend of excitement, culture, and scenic beauty. A keen eye for detail and a passion for exploration ensure that every twist and turn in the journey is thoughtfully planned to make your adventure smooth and unforgettable. His love for uncovering hidden gems enriches your Ride The World Motorcycle Tours experience.

Meet Nick Phillips: The photographer.

Nick is not just a rider; he’s the photographer on two wheels. His ability to capture the essence of the places we visit and enthusiastically share the visions of the road adds a unique flavour to each tour. If you join Nick on a journey, you’ll ride through landscapes and his photos that make each destination come alive.

Meet Biker Bear Aus: The Furry Guide

Meet the character of Ride The World Motorcycle Tours – Biker Bear Aus. More than just a mascot, Biker Bear Aus embodies the spirit of camaraderie and adventure. With a fur-covered exterior and a passion for sharing the road, this lovable companion adds a touch of whimsy to our tours. Riding alongside Biker Bear Aus is not just an experience; it’s a journey with a furry friend.

David, Walter, Nick, and Biker Bear Aus together form the core team behind Ride The World Motorcycle Tours. We invite you to join us on an expedition where every throttle twist brings you closer to the joy of riding and discovering incredible places. Let’s make memories together – one ride at a time.