Buffalo Bill – The Mountain Tour – 15 Days

Welcome to the Buffalo Bill Mountain tour, where we ride several of America’s best motorcycle roads. On this round trip in the Rocky Mountains, you will experience wonderful “backroads” and spectacular mountain scenery: Silverthread Historic Byway, Million Dollar Highway (ranked as USA’s no four best motorcycle road) (Hwy 550, at 3400 m elevation), Wild West run, Grand Loop Road, Beartooth Highway (No. 1), Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, Black Hills Run, Wildlife loop and Iron Mountain Road. They cannot be described in words; they must be experienced. You will also experience Denver, Historic Durango, World’s highest HD dealer, Moab, Arches National Park, Yellowstone, Old Faithful Geyser, Cody, Devil’s Tower, Crazy Horse Memorial, Mt Rushmore, Badlands, and more. The Buffalo Bill tour in the Rocky Mountains is a paradise for those who love motorcycling and unique experiences.

Please note, although this tour goes to Sturgis it is not during the Annual Motorcycle Rally time.




Day 1: Denver – Arrival Denver, Colorado

When all tour participants arrive, we will meet for a welcome meeting and refreshments, introducing all tour participants and tour leaders. The evening’s program will be about getting to know each other. Those not tired after the long journey may visit a local bar nearby.

Day 2: Denver – Gunnison (Riding day 1: 330 km/205 miles)

We will start the day with an info meeting covering information about your Buffalo Bill Mountain Tour. We will also cover practical information & preparations regarding MC and car rental checkout. We will check out of the hotel. When everyone is ready on their bikes, we will embark on our 4.200 km long Sturgis & Buffalo Bill Mountain tour. Denver will disappear behind us as we start a unique adventure full of history, adventure, and fun. As we head out of Denver, there will initially be some city Riding & interstate before we depart on our designated back roads in spectacular surroundings. We will start easy, so everybody gets accustomed to traffic and riding conditions. We will begin our adventure on adventurous motorcycle roads. We will stop in Fairplay and visit the “ghost town” South Park City, which currently operates as a museum of the old Wild West. After our Wild West influence, we will ride to Gunnison, where we will relax and share experiences from the fairytale’s first leg.

Day 3: Gunnison – Durango (Riding day 2: 372 km/231 miles)

Today, we will start our ride on the USA’s best back roads. We will head out of Gunnison and ride the beautiful Silverthread Scenic Byway, curvy roads through spectacular scenery. Keep your cameras ready! We will go to Lake City, where we will stop to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. After that, we will head to South Fork for lunch before we continue to the breathtaking Wolf Creek Pass. Our destination of the day is Durango, an old mining town where treasure hunters come in herds to find & extract gold and silver worth hundreds of millions of dollars from the mineral-rich mountains of the area. The noble metals made Durango a prosperous city that has not been affected by the recession. Today’s usual stress and rush do not influence residents of Durango; they are hospitable and friendly. Get ready for a cozy evening in the city’s historic district.

Day 4: Durango – Moab (Riding day 3: 355 km/220 miles)

Welcome to one of the tour’s highlights – today’s day is packed with amazing Riding experiences on terrific backroads, sharp curves, spectacular mountain scenery, waterfalls, and old Pioneer cities. As we ride out of Durango, we will stop by roadside hot springs. We will continue north on spectacular mountain roads to Silverton and the world’s “highest” Harley Davidson dealer (elevation). After that, we will start riding on the world-famous “Million Dollar Highway” (also San Juan Skyway), ranked No. 4 among America’s best motorcycle roads. It is an extraordinary Riding experience, a lifetime memory! The road got its’ famous name “, San Juan Skyway”, because the mountain passes we ride through lie 3.353m (11,000 ft) above sea level, with amazing views. It’s almost like we can touch the skies. We will make several stops along the way to enjoy this unique experience. You might want to ride back for another ride when we arrive at the road’s end. At San Juan Skyways’ end stop, Ouray, we ate lunch and tried to digest all the impressions. We will continue our fairytale day on terrific backroads through the mountains toward Moab, which is located at the entrance of the Arches National Park. We will spend the evening in these spectacular surroundings.

Day 5: Moab (Fun and Explorer Day)

Spend the day exploring Moab, Arches National Park (unforgettable rock formations that will take your breath away), and the Canyonlands according to your preference. We highly recommend hiking to the world-famous Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. Also, there are countless opportunities for renting an ATV, Jeep, and/or horseback for various safaris. Arches National Park contains the world’s largest concentration of natural stone arches; the 73,000-acre park includes 2,000 of these miracles of nature. Arches Park is packed with red desert, seasoned with the strangest eroded sandstone formations, pinnacles, spears, balanced rocks, and arches. We make sure everyone gets one of this year’s holiday photos.

Day 6: Moab – Park City (Riding day 4: 370 km/230 miles)

On our way to the amazing Wild West run & Yellowstone National Park, this day will be an in-between Riding leg. We will continue north towards Salt Lake City and today’s end-stop Park City.

Day 7: Park City – Jackson (Riding day 5: 470 km/292 miles)

Today, we will head towards magical Yellowstone National Park and “Wild West Run”. We will ride north by beautiful Bear Lake before continuing to Montpelier, where we will visit the historic site of Butch Cassidy’s bank robbery. After that, we will go to Jackson, a vacation spot for wealthy Californians in the valley of Jackson Hole. We will spend the evening at the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

Day 8: Jackson – Cody (Riding day 6: 383 km/240 miles)

Welcome to another tour highlight! It will be a long day packed with unique and rare experiences. We will ride into wonderful Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park and operate one of the US’s most popular motorcycle routes, Wild West Run (Jackson – Yellowstone Lake). We will go by Jackson Lake before we proceed to the spectacular Old Faithful Geyser, which remains one of the most active (cone) geysers with its’ predictable eruptions approximately every 35 to 120 minutes. Old Faithful was named in 1870 during the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition and was the first geyser in the park to receive a name. We will continue our ride in spectacular Yellowstone and ride on Grad Loop Rd before stopping at breathtaking Artist Point. After that, we will visit live buffalo herds up close. Be ready for exciting encounters, but beware of the wildlife (bears, wolves, elk, buffalos). We will finish the day by riding into Buffalo Bill’s (William F. Cody) home turf, Cody, where we will eat dinner at Buffalo Bill’s historic Irma Hotel.

Day 9: Chief Joseph Scenic Byway & Beartooth Hwy (Riding day 7: 368 km/231 miles)

 Today will be the tour highlight for many. Welcome to the world-famous “Beartooth Highway” (ranked as USA’s best, No. 1 motorcycle route). Beartooth Highway has not achieved its iconic status among bikers worldwide without reason; be prepared for unique winding mountain roads up and down the mountain, with hairpin turns and spectacular views. This will also be the tour’s most demanding Riding leg, so we will ride at a comfortable & safe pace to ensure everyone remains safe and gets plenty of time to enjoy the ride and views. Have your camera ready; you will ride on one of the world’s best motorcycle roads. Enjoy! On our way to Beartooth Pass, we will ride Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, a lifetime experience! After our return to Cody, you can visit the spectacular Buffalo Bill’s Center of the West.

Day 10: Cody – Gilette (Riding day 8: 409 km/255 miles)

Riding on spectacular, curvy, fun mountain roads will be another day. We will see breathtaking scenery in Big Horn Canyon & National Forest. We are confident your smile will be glued on. We will stop for lunch & cowboy shopping in Sheridan. After that, we drove to Gillette by the “Spotted Horse” bar.

Day 11: Gillette – Deadwood (Riding day 9: 242 km/151 miles)

Today, we will start our fun adventures in the Black Hills, the location of the Sturgis Bike Rally (the mother of all bike rallies). Get ready for a lifetime experience! We will start by Riding to the famous Devil’s Tower, a very popular destination and location of the sci-fi movie “Encounters of the 3rd Kind”. We will enjoy the surroundings and these spectacular rock formations. Our next stop is Sundance, home of the Sundance Kid. After that, we will ride through the beautiful Spearfish Canyon, natural surroundings like a painting that only nature can create. We will ride through Deadwood, where we will visit the “No 10 Saloon” where Wild Bill Hickok was shot when he played poker (The quick combination he had when he was shot is now called “Deadman’s Hand”). Deadwood is within an Indian reservation and has all gambling rights. It was also here Calamity Jane (the famous female sharpshooter) met Wild Bill for the first time (later, they became a couple).

Day 12: Deadwood – Black Hills Run – Sturgis (Riding day 10: 275 km/171 miles)

Today, we will ride the famous and popular Black Hills Run, experience all the fantastic attractions around Sturgis, and get a feel for the world-famous Sturgis Bike Rally. We will enjoy Riding the Black Hills Run until we reach Crazy Horse, the world’s largest monument carved in the rock. We will continue to Custer and Custer State Park, which captivated General George A. Custer because of its beautiful scenery and surroundings. We will ride Needles Highway and Wildlife Loop, where we might encounter live buffalos. We will eat lunch outside Custer State Park before going to Mt Rushmore (the three presidents’ heads carved in the mountains). Afterwards, we will ride the famous Iron Mountain Road. Be ready for a unique experience. After we have absorbed the Black Hills, we will go to Sturgis, a small town and the centre of all activities around the Sturgis Bike Rally, America’s oldest and legendary Motorcycle Rally. We will park the bikes and visit the world-famous Knuckle Saloon. It’s time for the Biker party!

Day 13: Sturgis – Scottsbluff (Riding day 11: 510km/318 miles)

We will say goodbye to Sturgis and head south again. Our first stop is the spectacular Badlands National Park. Badlands’ rugged beauty draws visitors from around the world. These striking geological deposits contain some of the richest collections of fossils. Old mammal rhinoceros, horses and sabre-toothed tigers walked here once. The park’s 244,000 acres consist of an expanse of mixed grass and prairie where bison, bighorn, prairie dogs, and Blackfoot ferrets live today. We will end our day in Scottsbluff and spend our last night “on the road.”

Day 14: Scottsbluff – Denver (Riding day 12: 384 km/239 miles)

The end of our adventure on the US’s best back-roads and the Buffalo Bill Mountain Tour is approaching. Today is our final leg. We will continue south through Cheyenne and Greeley before heading back to Denver. Arriving in Denver, we will return the bikes, remove our boots, and replace the ride gear with lighter clothing. We will spend the afternoon near the hotel and eat a farewell dinner together.

Day 15: Departure Denver – Travel Home

We will say goodbye to the Rocky Mountains and US Best Back Roads, Denver, and return home. Group travel by shuttle to the airport.

Please note that we reserve the right to remain adaptable to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions that may arise while on tour; the daily schedule may be adjusted accordingly. The client’s tour remains paramount; we will ensure the tour meets your fullest expectations.

Tour Dates.

TourDate fromDate toBooking deadline
Buffalo Bill – The Mountain tour12-Jul-2426-Jul-2412-Jun-24
Buffalo Bill – The Mountain tour13-Aug-2427-Aug-2413-Jul-24
Buffalo Bill – The Mountain tour11-Jul-2525-Jul-2511-Jun-25
Buffalo Bill – The Mountain tour10-Jul-2624-Jul-2610-Jun-26

Prices (USD)

2 people / 1 vehicle / 1 shared room: From $5,095.00 per person

2 people / 2 vehicles / 1 shared room: From $6,595.00 per person

1 person / 1 vehicle / 1 single room: From $8,170.00 per person

1 person / 1 vehicle / 1 shared room: From $6,595.00 per person

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Inclusions and Exclusions.

INCLUDEDMotorcycle/Car rental with unlimited mileage
1st choice vehicle model class
Shared rooms in biker-friendly hotels
Continental breakfast at most hotels
National Park Entrance fees
Welcome meeting
Multi-lingual Tour leader
Transport to rental company
Support van
State min. SLI insurance
Loss damage Waiver
Half-shell helmet
Tour route descriptions
Pictures from the tour
Optional attractions
Vehicle model guarantee
Security deposit for LDW
Food and beverages
LDW Zero & insurance upgrades
Anything not listed in “INCLUDED” above

The above information should be taken as a guide only as things can change. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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