Northern Thailand – 10 days

Welcome to our 10-day tour of Northern Thailand. (1,354 km/841 miles)

Embarking on the Sukhothai starting motorcycle tour presents a unique and thrilling adventure, combining cultural exploration, scenic landscapes, and the joy of motorcycling. Here are compelling reasons to embark on this unforgettable journey:

Cultural Immersion in Sukhothai: Begin your adventure in the World Heritage town of Sukhothai, known for its rich cultural heritage. Explore atmospheric ancient temples at the Sukhothai Historical Park, providing insights into Thailand’s historical and artistic past.

Riding Through the Countryside: Experience the freedom of riding on empty roads that cut through the picturesque countryside and small villages. This allows for an immersive encounter with the authentic rural life of Thailand.

Exploring Mae Sot: Discover the border city of Mae Sot, from its vibrant hill tribes market to the border post marking the gateway to Myanmar. This stop offers a unique blend of cultural encounters and borderland exploration.

Challenging and Scenic Roads: Tackle the renowned 1864 curves on the road from Mae Sariang to Mae Hong Son. Motorbike riders appreciate this stretch’s challenge and scenic beauty, providing a thrilling experience through the incredible countryside.

Visit to the “City of Three Mists”: Explore Mae Hong Son, often called the “City of Three Mists.” The journey includes stops at hot springs, a Karen Long Neck village, and the region’s famous 1864 curves, offering a mix of cultural and scenic highlights.

Discovering Pai’s Laid-Back Atmosphere: Experience the laid-back atmosphere of Pai, a hippie town nestled in beautiful countryside. This stop provides opportunities to visit hot springs, waterfalls, temples, and the WW2 Bridge or relax by the pool.

Unforgettable Ride to Pong Thai: Enjoy an immersive ride through the countryside on local roads, passing through villages like Wat Chan and Sameong. The journey culminates in the remote village of Pong Khai, offering breathtaking mountain views.

Journey to Doi Tung via Tea Plantations: Cover more ground on the highway, making your way to the mountain of Doi Tung. This leg of the trip includes the sprawling tea plantations of Doi Mae Salong and a visit to the Royal Factory Museum.

Golden Triangle Exploration: Venture into Golden Triangle Country, uncovering the region’s history as a countryside hideout of opium lords. The ride along the Myanmar border includes a visit to the Hall of Opium Museum and follows the Mekong River to Chiang Khong.

Free Day in Chiang Khong: Having concluded your motorcycle tour with a free day in Chiang Khong offers the flexibility to explore at your own pace. The journey wraps up with a shuttle bus ride to Chiang Rai Airport for your onward flight, allowing time for reflection on the diverse experiences encountered.

Embark on this motorcycle tour for an immersive journey through Thailand’s cultural treasures, scenic landscapes, and the thrill of riding along some of the most iconic roads in the region.




Day 01: Bangkok to Sukhothai – Arrival day.

After your flight to the beautiful World Heritage town of Sukhothai, you’ll have free time to explore after check-in. End your day with a welcome briefing, dinner and vehicle check.

Day 02: Sukhothai – Mae Sot – 131 kms

Before we get on the bikes, we’ll take a morning to explore the atmospheric ancient temples of the Sukhothai Historical Park. Then, it’s time to hit the empty roads that cut through the countryside and small villages on the way to the border city of Mae Sot. Once there, we’ll explore the city – from the hill tribes market to the border post marking the gateway to Myanmar.

Day 03: Mae Sot – Mae Sariang – 232 kms

From Mae Sot we will be riding to Mae Sariang.

Day 04: Mae Sariang – Mae Hong Son – 164 kms

Today, we’ll tackle the region’s most famous stretch of road, the 1864 curves. The twists and turns of the road are renowned amongst motorbike riders as both challenging and scenic, offering a glimpse into the incredible countryside – when you’re not concentrating on the road! Along the way, we’ll visit some of the hot springs that the area is famous for, along with a Karen Long Neck village, before arriving at the atmospheric ‘City of Three Mists’.

Day 05: Mae Hong Son – Pai – 177 kms

Today we’ll leave “City of Three Mists”, on another spectacular road speckled with places to visit (including the fascinating Coffin and Fish Caves, the Chinese village of Santichon and the nearby waterfalls). Our next stop is the hippie town of Pai, famous for its laid-back atmosphere.

Day 06: Pai – 39 kms

Kick back on a rest day in Thailand’s most relaxed town, which is lost in beautiful countryside. There’s plenty to see around town – from hot springs and waterfalls to temples via the WW2 Bridge. Alternatively, relax by the pool or enjoy the town’s burgeoning cafe scene.

Day 07 Pai – Pong Thai – 170 kms

We’re off again on an immersive, unforgettable ride through the countryside on local roads. We’ll pass the Wat Chan and Sameong villages before arriving in the remote village of Pong Khai for breathtaking mountain views.

Day 08: Pong Thai – Doi Tung – 298 kms

Back on the highway and covering more ground today, we’ll make for the mountain of Doi Tung via the sprawling tea plantations of Doi Mae Salong and the Royal Factory Museum.

Day 09: Doi Tung – Chiang Khong – 123 kms

We’re in Golden Triangle Country, once the countryside hideout of opium lords. Our ride takes us along the border with Myanmar and to the Hall of Opium Museum before following the Mekong river to Chiang Khong.

Day 10: Chiang Khong to Bangkok.

Your day is free until the shuttle bus ride to Chiang Rai Airport and your onward flight.

Tour Dates:

TourDate fromDate toBooking deadline
Northern Thailand 10 Days29-Sep-2408-Oct-2429-Aug-24
Northern Thailand 10 Days28-Sep-2507-Oct-2528-Aug-25

Prices (€) Euros

2 people / 1 vehicle / 1 shared room: From On application per person

2 people / 2 vehicles / 1 shared room: From On application per person

1 person / 1 vehicle / 1 single room: From On application per person

1 person / 1 vehicle / 1 shared room: From On application per person

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Inclusions and Exclusions

INCLUDEDDomestic Flights
Overland Permission Services
Rental Vehicles
Vehicle Insurance (3rd Party)
Accommodation & Meals
BMW Certified Tour Guide
Fully equipped BMW Motorcycle
Luggage Vehicle
Tickets & Entry Fees
NOT INCLUDEDPassport or Visas Fees for Thailand/Laos/China
Fuel for your vehicle
Hotels 1st evening in Bangkok for early arrival or last evening in Bangkok for late departure
Snacks, alcoholic beverages, refreshments, minibars and room services
Fines, gratuities, laundry services, SIM card, phone call, fax and internet access fees
Personal medical and travel insurance
Anything not listed in “INCLUDED” above

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